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The Ulster County Comptroller is an independent monitor of taxpayer money, and promoter of accountable and transparent government spending.


02.04.2019.Public Defender Monies Untapped

The Office of the Ulster County Comptroller has reviewed and auditedthe administration of two grants awarded to the Public Defender, representing available funding of up to $900,000. The Comptroller has determined the awards were underutilized and that stronger oversight and monitoring could have maximized indigent legal representation and assisted with caseload reductions for the Public Defender’s Office.

County Picks Up the Tab that Saves Town and City Taxpayers Over $1 Million

3 Year Phase In of Election Costs
Completed Kingston, NY (January 9, 2018) – Ulster County made a commitment to the twenty towns and the City of Kingston to assume the cost of elections and phase it in over

Recent Reports

DPW Small Equipment Inventory Follow-Up Audit - OK

Objectives - OK
OK - Update our understandinf of the currente policies and procedures governing the use of small equipment maintained by the Department of Public Works

Internal Control Follow Up Audit of I.T. Equipment

Executive Summary
This Follow-up report to our Review of Internal Controls over IT Equipment (2015) sought to determine wheter Information Services (“IS”) has implemented our previous recommendations and/or developed any additional safeguards over information technology (“IT”) assests.